Protecting golfers risks.

Golfers have a potential liability every time they set foot on a golf course, whether as a player, guest or spectator. That liability can arise from playing or practising golf, using motorised buggies or attending golf events. To assist in protecting risks facing golf club members, all Sportscover Golf affiliated golfers automatically benefit with on-course protection through Golfer's Personal Liability insurance provided by Sportscover's Lloyd's syndicate. This insurance is automatically included in the Sportscover Golf affiliation fees paid by the club and provides $20 million Public Liability cover for all affiliated players, officials, volunteers, and trialing participants in recognised development programs. Cover also extends to amateur coaches that are qualified under Sportscover Golf's recognised coaching programs, and who are members of a golf club.

Your club also has the option to enhance this protection by including Personal Accident, Personal Equipment and other beneficial coverage benefits in their membership. You can check below to see if your club provides these enhancements to your membership. If they don't, you can also extend cover through our Silver and Gold policy options protecting yourself in the event of injury or loss of equipment.

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